Meet the ASUS Transformer 3 another masterpiece from ASUS.

Having a look at the latest ASUS Transformer 3, I can guarantee that you must be able to see the evolution in the chain of laptops from ASUS. It has been designed with the best hardware and has been proficiently built to be very thin and as light as it can be. The ASUS Transformer 3 provides you the maximum mobility, full handiness, and awesome expandability that offers you the seamless range of potentials. 

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The mobile PC is a spectacular instance of the art of engineering at its best. The gorgeous and sleek tablet has been carved from aluminum with a procedure that takes more than 100 steps of computer-aided shaping and cutting. This innovative substance is full of strength but light in weight. This tells us that the device has been created with a lot of passion and dedication to achieve a whole amount of success.

ASUS Transformer 3 Design

The most beautiful and innovative thing about the whole device is its design and the passion with which it has been designed to yield an unbelievable 6.9mm thin device that weighs a mere 695g and has been categorized as a mobile laptop. It doesn’t even end here; before providing the finishing to the product, it has been provided a gorgeous spun-metal finish and the dazzling diamond-cut corner highlights.

ASUS Transformer 3 Specifications

This mobile PC has been fully loaded with high-end specifications and features that will make you drool for this amazing creation of technology coupled up with engineering. This laptop runs on the latest Windows 10 Pro operating system which adds more creativity to the product. The available screen size of the tablet or we can say the laptop is 12.6 inch and provides a high resolution of 2880x1920 pixels, which enables the users to use the product even for watching movies and their latest shows without any problem whatsoever. The screen can also be used as a tablet, therefore you can enjoy its portability to the most and move around while watching your favorite shows and movies.

The Asus Transformer 3 has a screen to body ratio that it offers is around 80 percent. You can easily create anything with the 7th Gen Intel Core processor it has acquired along with an 8GB RAM that will enable you to flash through the hardest of operations. It can offer you an all-day long battery life that can be charged up to 60 percent in just 50 minutes of time. The device provides faster data transmission with the Thunderbolt 3 port, which provides a transmission speed up to 40GB per second, USB port C transmits 10GB per second and a USB 2.0 port which transmits data at 0.5GBps.

Along with this 2-in-1 PC, you get an exclusive 1-year warranty from the day of purchase and can be claimed worldwide. The customer service that the company provides at its support providing locations is considerably good and can be even better by providing more service stations and on-location customer service like other leading laptop brands. Otherwise, the ASUS Company is doing a commendable job in this sector.


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