Portable Shampoo Sinks: The best saloon product you would not like to miss out on!

Want to stay stylish and trendy with the changing style trend in the market and you don’t get time to visit the salons regularly. Don’t worry portable shampoo bowls is the solution to all your worries. Get a portable shampoo bowl at home and do the styling as per your choice.


Zeny Pro Portable Shampoo Sink Basin
This portable shampoo bowl is easy to assemble and convenient to use at home. You can assemble the portable shampoo bowl in a quick manner. You can save a lot of space at your home with the portable shampoo bowl as it is a compact and small-sized shampoo bowl. The portable shampoo bowl from Zeny Pro is a lightweight product which is also a durable product that will serve you for long than usual. It will be easy to clean the portable shampoo bowl. It also has an adjustable height with the portable shampoo bowl so that it would be easy to serve the customers with the different heights. It has a plug which prevents the water from going out of the basin during the usage of the portable shampoo bowls and after the usage, you can easily drain out the used water with the drain hosepipe that is connected to the portable shampoo bowl.

Saloniture Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink
Saloniture is the next portable shampoo bowl in the list which is made up of an ABS composite which is also durable and hence serves you for long than the usual. It also has a large capacity shampoo bowl which allows the comfortable washing and cleaning of the hairs. With the adjustable height of the Saloniture Portable shampoo bowl, it can be used for the different clients having different heights. It can also be tilt to incorporate any seating arrangement easily and comfortably. With the pedestal base, it would be easy to do your work as the portable shampoo bowl stays firm and stable while shampooing and washing the hairs.

Square Shampoo Bowl TLC-1016 KSGT
Next is the flexible, compact and square shaped portable shampoo bowl to use at home comfortably and conveniently. The portable shampoo bowl is made up of the ABS commercial grade high-quality plastic which will serve you for long. He Good quality plastic which is used in the portable shampoo bowl is a scratch resistant material and it also has a glossy finish at the body of the portable shampoo bowl. It includes a spray hose drain with the portable shampoo bowl and it also has a hair trap gel neck rest with the portable shampoo bowl so that it would be easy to work with this.

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