Three Best Air Purifiers of 2016


 Air purifiers are the most widely used devices in the international market. There are number of brands selling the air purifier device including Blue air, Honeywell, Panasonic, and many other brands. Before buying an air purifier make sure that the device must have HEPA filters which gives 99% guarantee to eliminate most of the air pollutant. These best Air purifiers 2016 will not only eliminates air pollutants but also eliminates smog, dust, and pollens present in the air.

Blueair 650E

Blueair 650E is one of the most efficient air purifier which eliminates more than 99% of air pollutants such as smog, dust particles, pollens, and many other air irritants present in the air coming from various sources. The device has the ability to clean the air up to 700 square feet. Thus, you can use this device for large size rooms.

The Blueair 650E air purifier is powered with HEPA silent technology and comes with remote control as well as digital display. The air purifier offers the high CADR ratings. If you are willing to purchase this air purifier then you have to pay $850 in the international market and 56,800INR price in the Indian market and get better discount and deals on the web this winter season just like on other products including gas geyser.

Honeywell Air touch-P

Honeywell Air touch purifier is not only efficient by an affordable device which performs three-stage filtration and it eliminates 99% of the dust particles and pollutants present in the air. The air purifier offers 450 m3/h CADR rate and has the ability to clean the inside air up to 675 square feet. The premium metallic finishing on the body of the air purifier gives stylish look.
The device is equipped with the sensor as well which gives you the reading of the purified air. Not only this, the air purifier offers 1-year warranty along with the 2 filters and the product manual. The price of the product is 45,000INR in the Indian market.

Panasonic F-PXH55MWU

Panasonic F-PXH55MWU provides 3D circulation airflow which is divided into two parts side and front airflow. Apart from the 3D circulation, the device is also powered with the Nano purification and Econavi which eliminate ultra-minute dust mist, particles and bacteria present in the market.
Panasonic air purifier has the ability to cover the air up to 452 square feet area of the room and offers 10-year life for the filter. If you want to purchase this device then it will cost you 25,000INR in the Indian market.


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