Tips to protect your organic garden against pests


Pests are the biggest problem which you have to face on a daily basis if you have a garden area in your backyard. If you have an organic garden then the pest problem is very invasive. Maintaining the organic garden is a very difficult task as in the organic garden the number of pests is very high and thereby it is difficult to escape all the pests. If you want to protect your organic garden from the pests, then you can apply these tips and methods to save your crops or your organic garden against pests without using chemicals. Check out the tips here and apply on your garden area and save your crops against pests.

Protective layer

Cover your garden area or the crops from the fabric to protect your garden and crop against pests. If you cover your garden with the fabric then you will protect your garden against birds, caterpillars, moths, worms and other insects from damaging plants. You can use the polyester fabric which is translucent by nature and act as an insect barrier. All you have to cut the crop according to the length of the garden and drape it either by the metal hoops or wooden frames for support all you have to wrap the cloth using wire or rope.


You can also use the ladybugs to save your garden area against pests; ladybug has the ability to eat various aphids. It has the ability to save your garden from all types of insects. This type of lady beetles or the ladybirds saves the flowerbeds against pests and save the crop from getting damage. This lady bug saves the crop from the aphids, spider mites, thrips, and whiteflies.

Sticky traps and sprays
The sticky traps attracts the large number of species to trap and to kill them which you can purchase from the stores or you can also make these traps at your home using various materials including the wood, sticky substance, plastic wrap, and the spray paint whereas you can also use the spray against the pests to protect your garden area. You can create the spray at your home using the garlic oil, hot pepper, soap, oils, and glycerin.
Apart from this, the proper cutting of the trees and plants using various equipment can also save the garden area against insects, the equipment which you can use are the trimmer, spade, and knife, you can check some of the best of the trimmers here.


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